2023 Research and Study

  • Reports on overseas research
  • publication date:2023/11/16

2023.08 Field trip to Türkiye

In late October to early November 2023, as part of the project “The Role of Japan’s Diplomacy in the Middle East/Eurasia,” Ms. Mayu Kaneko, Senior Research Fellow of MEIJ, visited Türkiye, which is celebrating the centenary of its founding, and exchanged views on Turkish foreign policy and the situation in the Middle East with experts in the capital Ankara and Istanbul. She also visited Trabzon on the Black Sea coast, which attracts many Russian and Bulgarian tourists, and the city of Edirne in the west.


Photo 1: A scene from Black Sea seen from the city of Trabzon (Photo credit: author)


Photo 2: A scene from People heading to the Anıtkabir (Ataturk Mausoleum) on National Day (Photo credit: author)


Photo 3: A scene from Ankara city on the occasion of the centenary of the country's founding (Photo credit: author)


Photo 4: A scene from a shop in Istanbul with a Palestinian flag (photo by the author)

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