About Us

General Information and Activities of MEIJ


Name The Middle East Institute of Japan
Registered Office Hirakawacho Court 6F, 1-1-1, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (zip102-0093)
History Founded in February 1956. Reorganized in October 1960 as a juridical foundation under the supervision of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. On April 1, 2012, registered as a juridical body authorized by the Prime Minister.
Board of
Executive Directors
Chairperson: Mr. Mikio Sasaki, Honorable Chairman, Mitsubishi Corporation
President: Mr. Akitaka Saiki, Former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, MOFA
Vice President: Mr. Kiyoshi Asako, Former Ambassador to Bahrain
Executive Director: Dr. Masayuki Yamauchi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo
Executive Director: Mr. Tetsuhiro Hosono, Former Chairman & CEO for JOGMEC
Special Advisor: Dr. Tatsuo Arima, Former Special Envoy of the Government of Japan

2.Purposes of Activities

  • Researches and studies of politics, economy, culture and history of the Middle East.
  • Collection, provision and publication of basic, practical data, knowledge and relevant information on the Middle East.
  • Exchange of information and promotion of visits between Japan and the Middle East.
  • Promotion of understanding and friendship between the Japanese people and the peoples of the Middle East.

3.Operational Fund

The operational fund comes from the Funding Members’ membership fees and from revenues of research and other undertakings


  • Corporate Membership: annually Yen500, 000/lot, more than one lot
  • Individual Membership: annually Yen10, 000/lot or more
  • Special Individual Member: annually Yen100, 000/lot or more

The Corporate Members count about 100, including major leading Japanese companies of the private sector in various circles of business, manufacturing, construction, oil, mass-media, etc., and government agencies as well (as of June, 2023).

The Individual Members count about 200, who are journalists, scholars and students interested in Middle Eastern affairs. The Special Individual Members are same privileged personally as top executives of the Corporate Members.

5.Member’s Privileges

  • Free Access to the exclusive reports and documents of the Institute
  • To receive the quarterly “Journals of Middle Eastern Studies” by post for free and other publications of the Institute for free or at a discount rate
  • To receive “Middle East Daily News” bulletins by e-mail for free
  • To attend lecture meetings arranged by the Institute for free or at a discount rate
  • Top executives of Corporate Members and Special Individual Members are invited to join a series of Top Meetings (see below)

6.Major Activities

1.Research and Other Undertakings

Conducting research works, arranging seminars and symposia, assisting academic exchange programs and engaging in other projects, on contracts or upon requests of the Government agencies and private institutions

2.Seminars and Meetings

  • Top Meetings
    Monthly breakfast meetings with top officials of relevant Ministries, prominent intellectuals or business leaders, exclusive for the top executives of the Corporate Members and Individual Members
  • Briefing on Current Middle East situation
    Briefing by senior officials of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs on Current Middle East situation
  • Speeches by Visiting Middle East VIPs
  • Analysis Report Meeting on Middle East
    Reports and Comments by the Institute’s fellow researchers on issues and topics of the Middle East
  • Seminars to Promote Understanding Middle East and Islam
    A series of seminars by researchers and professors to expand and deepen understanding of the Middle East and Islam among the public
  • Reception “To Meet with Ambassadors”
    Annual reception to meet with all the Japanese Ambassadors to the Middle East countries


  • Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (printed to be distributed)
    Published in September 1958, dealing with topics of current and contemporary political, economic, cultural, social issues in the region, now issued quarterly which carries reports, commentaries and analysis by scholars, researchers, specialists and Ambassadors. Its copies are available at bookstores or delivered by mail upon request to the Institute.
  • Middle East Topics (mailed partly and uploaded on the homepage)
    Monthly reports with short commentaries by researchers on major events in the region, to be mailed exclusively to the top executives of the Corporate Members and uploaded a week later on the Institute homepage, the exclusive site for the Members.
  • Middle East Analysis Report (mailed partly and uploaded on the homepage)
    Reports with commentaries to be made occasionally by researchers on hot issues of the region, to be mailed exclusively to the top executives of the Corporate Members and uploaded a week later on the Institute homepage, the exclusive site for the Members.
  • Chuto Kawaraban (Middle East Weekly News)(sent by Email)
    News bulletins on topics and events selected from reports by local media in the region, to be sent to the registered addresses of the Members.
  • Middle East Daily News (sent by Email)
    Chronology of important events of the region, picked up from reports by local and international media, to be sent to the registered addresses of the Members.