2023 Research and Study

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  • publication date:2023/09/11

9.8 The 2nd Workshop on “The Role of Japan’s Diplomacy in the Middle East/Eurasia”

The second workshop of the project “The Role of Japan’s Diplomacy in the Middle East/Eurasia: Understanding the Reality of Great Power-led Connectivity Strategies and Regional Order Restructuring in an Era of Competition among Nations was held as outlined below.

1. Outline of the Second Workshop

Date & Time: at 14:00 – 16:00 on Friday September 8, 2023

Modality: Online

Title: International North-South Transport Corridor and Russia/NIS: Growing Interest and Importance after War and Sanctions

Presenter: Mizuki Chuman (ROTOBO)

Participants: Ryohei Kasai (Gifu Women’s University), Mizuki Chuman (ROTOBO), Hisae Nakanishi (Doshisha University), Masaki Mizobuchi (Hiroshima University), Emi Mifune (Komazawa University)

MEIJ: Kiyoshi Asako (Vice President), Mayu Kaneko (Secretary General/Senior Research Fellow), Kenichiro Takao (Executive Research Fellow), Kenta Aoki (Executive Research Fellow), Masahide Takahashi (Senior Research Fellow)

Main contents:

  • After explaining the evolution of Russia’s foreign policy and trade relations, the presenter analyzed the significance of the International North-South Transport Corridor for Russia and the NIS and the various challenges it faces. Discussion followed among the attendees.
  • The committee members discussed the future direction of this project.



*The results of this project will be published from time to time on the website of MEIJ, in various media and events of MEIJ, at symposiums, and in the final report.



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