Analysis Report

Syrian people’s view of the current situation

  • No.R17-02 
  • publication date:2017/06/30

Syrian people’s view of the current situation

The protracted fighting in Syria has resulted in a mass exodus of Syrian civilians, fleeing the country as migrants and refugees, and has led to a decline in the standard of living and a rise in poverty among the remaining population. Yet there are very few objective and academically reliable sources of information on how people are actually living their lives, and how they view the current situation. Recently, the results of a public opinion survey conducted through a Syrian research organization were published. The survey was part of “An Empirical Study of the Political System and Its Change in the Middle East by Means of Public Opinion Surveys,” a project funded through the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2015–2018 (Basic Research Program (B) 15H03132) provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Please find below an analysis report on these results prepared by Yutaka Takaoka, our senior researcher.