2.1 The Middle East Institute of Japan 60th Anniversary Reception “a New-year Meeting with Ambassadors of the Middle East Countries in Japan”

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  • publication date:2023/02/01

On February 1st, 2023, a New-year Meeting with Ambassadors of the Middle East Countries in Japan to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Middle East Institute of Japan (MEIJ) was held. The Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Kishida and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Hayashi delivered their speeches. In addition to this, around 200 distinguished guests which includes members of the MEIJ and those who take great interest in the region participated in the reception.

To start the reception, Mr. Sasaki, the Chairperson of the MEIJ, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his gratitude to guests by remarking that “I would also like to thank you all for the warmest support and cooperation that you have been extending to our Institute for so many years.” Moreover, he commented on the Japan-Middle East relation stating that “Thanks in great part to the tremendous diplomatic efforts by the Ambassadors here with us, Japan enjoys friendly and cooperative partnership with each and every country of the region. I believe that there is a huge potential for further development of the win-win relationships in business, education, culture and tourism and so on.”

Prime Minister Mr. Kishida congratulated the MEIJ on the 60th anniversary in his speech and told the guests that “I also offer my heartfelt congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the institute. For the past 60 years since its founding, the MEIJ has been engaged in studies, researches, and seminars, among other means, while closely connecting the Middle East with the people of Japan. Middle Eastern countries are the most important partners in energy supply for Japan. Our country will also advance cooperation in industrial diversification in these countries and new energy source materials including hydrogen and ammonia, thereby further developing friendly relations between the region and Japan. Last but not least, think-tanks which can produce high-quality and independent analyses and assessments like the MEIJ are extremely precious assets not only for Japan’s diplomacy, but also for all the people concerned and active in the region.”

Mr. Hayashi, the Japanese minister for Foreign Affairs told in his speech that “Since its establishment, the institute has made great contribution to promoting understanding of the Middle East in Japan through various activities, not least its quality research. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to deepen our intellectual exchange with the Institute and count on your wisdom as we develop foreign policies.”

Following this, on behalf of the ambassadors present, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, H.E. Mr. Bouhlal delivered a speech.


Finally, a toast was given for this special occasion by Mr. Ono, the Governor of Saitama Prefecture and a counselor to the MEIJ.

At this reception, the guests of honor expressed their congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Middle East Institute of Japan. Along with the Middle East Ambassadors to Japan, there was also a lively exchange of ideas and opinions among the attendees from various fields.

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