Research Fellows

Senior Research Fellow

First name:Misa Family name:KANAYA

Professional Experiences

1) Organization
2012- current: Research fellow, Middle East Institute of Japan
2009-2011 Researcher, Intelligence and Analysis Service, Foreign Ministry of Japan
2) Part-Time Lecturer
2011-current Aoyama Gakuin University
2011-current Saitama University
2014-2014 Gunma Prefectural Women’s University
2013-2014 National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College
2011-2012 Sophia University


M.A. in International Relations, Sophia University, 2003
B.A. in Foreign Studies, Sophia University, 2001
2006-2008 Visiting fellow, American University in Cairo


(All in Japanese)
2015. 42 Keywords for Understanding the Islamic State. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten. (Co-author)
2015. Yoshiyuki Kitazawa, Yutaka Takaoka, and Takayuki Yokota (eds. & transls). The Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood: the essays of Hassan al-Banna, vol.1. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten. (Co-translator)
2014. “2014 Presidential Elections in Egypt: implications of Sisi’s overwhelming victory,” Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, no. 521.
2013. “Sinai: the rise of Islamic extremism and its effect on democratization,” Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, no. 519.
2013. “The Salafist current after January 25 revolution: its relations with Muslim Brotherhood,” Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, no. 517.
2012. “Protest movements of the late 2000s and the January 25 revolution: development of labor protests and democracy movements,” in Takeji Ino and Ichiki Tsuchiya eds., Egypt Uprising: the backgrounds of the January 25 revolution. Chiba: IDE-JETRO.